Twin Rivers Spire

Most Black Elves carry at least one item to gamble with at any given time, commonly dice, lavish cards, elaborate miniatures and specially bred insects or vermin for battling or racing. Many carry boards that incorporate both dice and cards, with convoluted rules in hand crafted cases.
Most venues have designated areas for some sort of sport, billiards, darts, small pits and race tracks for critter entertainments.
Every establishment has at least one bank representative and protection on hand to dispense credit or convert monies, even little wagons converted into tiny kitchens to sell sugar treats outside the arenas has a bank representative and two or three enforcers.
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Millions more live transient lives, moving from city to city organizing the endless events and entertainments vying for eyes to see them. Stage plays, orations, scripture reading, singing, orchestras and painters are bombarding the world with their new idea. Industries are built on top of a hundred other industries. The elves are either working to make gold, or have gold and are looking for interesting ways of spending it.


Ice Mazes of Twin Rivers Spire

Built tens of thousands of years ago when the maze craze was like a season of its own, Twin Rivers Spire was the absolute ruler of the circuit. Being the first of its kind and one of the front runners for the global arena size races.

Millions of goblins, giants, orks, humans and overseen by dwarves and Black Elves. They hollowed out the entire mountain for its resources, but sculpted it the entire time as the arena it would be one day. Thirteen thousand years of enforced toil, twenty thousand slave revolts, and average annual slave pile of ten million tons(it was easier to weigh the dead than it was to count them, mostly in the neighborhood of three or four million per year, the weight disparity comes from dense races like dwarves, goblins being smaller, giants being both larger and denser, orks being numerous, etc.), and the death of seventy two much honored and missed Black Elves who all perished during construction of this titan monument.

The Spire is named after for the Imperial Engineer Hemio Thal tess, who was given the task of constructing the monument, and is interred here to honor his many achievements. Hemio served the empire for one hundred fifty thousand years, made a slave by one of the emperors family members for a very impressive miniature display he had constructed for his fathers use in an engineering project.

The emperor was so pleased with Hemios service over his lifetime he was given the brand, and life extension. Hemio outlived his emperor, then three of his descendants before being given the commission for the Twin Rivers Spire project.

He agreed on condition he be allowed to finally die, to which the emperor agreed. When the final stone was placed in the imperial viewing box, Hemio was escorted to the ring and killed by the most popular gladiator of the day. He was buried later that day in a purpose made crypt, and the first games were launched.

Twin Rivers Spire is over one thousand, three hundred, eighty floors of massive vaulted rooms with tracks built into the floors. The rooms dimensions could be changed to suit the needs of the game makers, and even had a few magic colleges buried within to keep the system operating smoothly.

The maze was even outfitted to howl in the mountains winds, to constantly sing and moan. Additionally the top one hundred floors could freeze themselves with the opening and closing a few key portals, along with the ability control water flow, ice can construct more impressive mazes. House more interesting creatures and preserve undead for much longer periods of time. The millions of tons of dead were used to populate many of the most dangerous rooms of the Twin Rivers.

Whole floors crawl with ghosts, the bottom most floors are entirely composed of undead. Thousands of square feet of walls floors and ceilings that perpetually grasp, claw and bite. Eighteen liches have had their phylacteries hidden inside the mazes, entire covens of vampires have moved in and swarms of wights roam the endless depths.

All the automation and mechanization of the mountain is driven by undead, when a lever is pulled or a secret button pressed the command is given for a group of skeletons to push or pull a geared wheel made of stone hidden within the walls.

This impossible gearing system is carefully built behind foot thick stone walls, and into carefully blocked vaults and corridors to drive the many mechanisms needed to constantly alter the structure. To keep the mazes fresh, and moderate the population of the various other creatures within the mazes.

Entire eco systems run on automatic, feeding and spreading whole communities of animals and beings. Some floors are given alien atmospheres or are connected to other planes, with a great many rooms being extra dimensional places.

Everywhere within the maze can be viewed with scrying pools, and various other necromantic tricks so as to never miss a single moment. Many floors outermost edges are connected to tens of thousands of hotels and viewing rooms.

Four major scrying pools built into five hundred foot tall, sixty foot wide glass tubes, filled with a small ocean of magical liquids that can be used to watch anything within the mountain are built to allow tens of thousands a simultaneous view of whatever they wish as long as they have a room key.

They are built at the cardinal points of the compass around the main body of the dungeons, there is a thrity foot wide gap between the glass tubes and the sides of the well like structures built around them. From the walls of these well like structures are windows into hotels, those within their rooms can easily open a shutter, look out with their room key in hand and watch the dungeons at their want and comfort.

Many of the public houses have scrying pools for watching the games, and the streets are drenched with the excitement of the non stop games available. Something is always on, and someone is always watching. The bone white stones and bricks making everything have skeletal shapes in everything, no where is clean of the necromantic energies.

Those with the knack for necromancy revere Twin Rivers Spire as a holy land, and are granted all sorts of boons for bringing their undead there, or constructing them there. Their control and command of the undead is much surer, and easier to accomplish, as well as some of the rarer components more available.

Twin Rivers Spire

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