The Flesh Forges


The Flesh Mechanics

Specialist doctors, surgeons and mad scientists, these elite academics have mastered the art of prolonging life. They are responsible for the magic brand and eye implants that allow alien livestock to survive on Ethear, and a great many other amazing feats of medicine.

The majority spend thousands of years working in clinics, transplanting organs from the dying to the wounded. They often keep donors alive for hundreds of years till everything useful is harvested, but attaching them to magical apparatus and submerging them in rare potions.

The many who survive the toil of the clinics and colleges, move on to service the gladiators in the Imperial arenas, and many guild owned arenas. They often use limbs from similar species, but when such species are too rare to have stock of, they use magical devices that can animate various elements to serve as limbs.

Some use forged metal limbs, others use animal materials, still others custom make limbs from whatever is close at hand. Many also implant armored skin from thicker skinned animals, natural weapons and even animated worn armor.
Elemental Hands

The Flesh mechanics also install Elemental Eyes in some patients, if the patron is willing to pay the expense.

The Flesh Forges

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