Racing on Ethear

The Majority of Racing –
One of the more popular and regular racing events is the Imperial Rules chariot race, which is also a sort of capture the flag game. Two teams of four chariots race each other, once around the ring, a javelin with a pennon is thrown into the center of the lane and the two teams jockey to grab it.

They are allowed to target the two shield bearers and one armed with six javelins, a point is awarded for every quarter of the track they cover while holding the flag. Each shield bearer is worth a point, six points are removed if one of the mounts is hit with a javelin. Hits to the shield bearer only count if hit in the chest or legs, head and arm shots only count if done from at least three chariot lengths away.

The race goes for eleven circuits or until one team laps the other. Points are totaled and a winner selected based on points alone. There is a break at the sixth lap to replace the worn teams, riders can choose to go another six laps or be chosen by the team to continue.
Monks are much sought after shield bearers as they can catch incoming javelins to pass off to their mates, but must also sling their shield to do so. Rangers and Cavaliers are favoured throwers for the chariots as they also guide the animals in combat, as well as throwing the missiles. Only the best throwers are able to throw their javelins so the can be recovered easily in later laps and manuever the mounts to not get hit with the ammo sticking out of the ground.

Some arenas have archers with short bows in place of shield bearers and score points by shooting at a series of targets while the drivers attempt to be first ahead of the other in a flat out straight stretch. Each chariot ahead of the others scores and shots at farther targets score more. Various types and variations of themes throughout racing come and go, but Imperial Rules is the one thats stood the test of time and retained its high volume of spectators over tens of thousands of years.


Sometimes the racing is done without chariots, using whatever mount is most favoured by the region, riders and what is available. Other times the racing is done on the oceans, lakes and rivers, depending on the season. Twin Rivers Spire arena has its own unique racing experiences with bobsleds, ski tracks and wind racing. Which is done with small, one man boats on a series of large steel blades or skis.

Racing on Ethear

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