Port Royal, capitol of the southern province of Dalantine. Named for the First Emperors, First Wife. The city grew up around the Empress love of the view from the foothills, overlooking swamps meeting the ocean. Later it became a destination and hundreds of families close to the Imperial family and their descendants moved into the grounds within line of sight of the Imperial Compound that had been constructed there.
(*)All the buildings were constructed to the Empress wishes so as to enhance her view, and ornament the natural beauty of the area. Most of the manor houses in this area are built underground, with only one or two entrances to their larger domains visible from the angle of the Imperial Compound. No view of the Imperial compound was permitted, only windows on the lee of the Imperial view, facing the water were allowed and still arent today.

Since the area was almost entirely built to suit the Empress, it is entirely unnatural and very alien to Ethear. Its various ecology all contribute to make the place incredibly unique and suited to the Empress. It supports an entirely alien atmosphere, full to the brim with alien life.

Port Royal sits roughly eighty miles (near the end of the world) from the most recognized (and stable) south pole position, is usually the coldest point on the world, with atmosphere that grows thicker the further south one goes. The entire lower two latitudes of the world are effectively buffer zones to the much thicker and richer polar atmosphere. The eye killing organisms never survive the trip through the intense cold , and the heavier than air purple gases that the Black Elves breath sits in pools at the borders of the zones of temperature and atmospheric density.

This area is protected, enhanced and transformed by series over six thousand, three hundred foot tall spires made of mithril and various other materials that changed and amplified the feeble suns energies. This series of spires transformed the bitter cold to a perpetually summer temperature within, fifteen hundred miles from the pole. Part of the job of these spires is altering space into a sort extra dimensional extension of the world.

This does mean the southern most pole of the world is lawfully aligned, making chaotically aligned travelers ill in the environs between the spires. The world is subtropical prime normal within three miles of the spires. The flora and fauna are much like a prime normal, with the Black Elf sensibility guiding the course of nature throughout. Swamps abound, covered in mist and thick with insects. Huge predators are cultivated in the northeastern section and massive herds of livestock in the southwestern section. The two sections between them dedicated to growing insane amounts of prime alien foodstuffs.

All the goods that come and go from these sectors of the planet go through Port Royal. Prime Aliens with prestige in the Imperial Court are allowed to purchase property for one generation, the next is allowed to repurchase but is very seldomly allowed to keep the one they occupy. Most are sold several generations in advance for massive sums. Trade with aliens is incredibly lucrative and they feel safe in this preserve.



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