Cadus Maul

Cadus Maul
Female, Human Fighter 2nd / Wizard 3rd level.
Str 10 Dex 16 Con 14 Int 18 Wis 16 Cha14 (racial 2 wis, 4th level +1 dex)
+3 BAB, +4Fort, +1Ref, +3Will
SQ- Bonus feat x2 (Spirited Charge, Imp. Unarmed strike), Bravery +1, Arcane Bond(Grey Dap; Light Horse), Arcane School (Universalist), Cantrips, Scribe Scroll, Level Feats 1st, 3rd, 5th (Mounted Combat, Concentration, Uncanny Concentration), Human Feat (Ride by Attack), Bonus skill points spent on Hp +5, One Bonus Spell per level till 4th level spells.
Skills- 4 fgt.
6 fgt.+ 20 abi.
(+13)Concentration level 3, abi 4, feats 6
Climb rank 1, class 3, abi 0
Handle Animal rank 5, class 3, abi 2
Kn. Dungeoneering rank 1, class 3, abi 4
Kn Engineering rank 1, class 3, abi 4
Ride rank 5, class 3, abi 3
Survival rank 5, class 3, abi 3
Kn. Arcana rank 1, class 3, abi 4
Kn. Geography rank 1, class 3, abi 4
Kn. History rank 1, class 3, abi 4
Kn. Local rank 1, class 3, abi 4
Kn. Nature rank 1, class 3, abi 4
Kn. Planes rank 1, class 3, abi 4
Appraise rank 1, class 3, abi 4
Spellcraft rank 5, class 3, abi 4

Equip. for Cadus Maul
Dap Grey, Calish Mare, Alertness, Imp. Evasion, Share spells, Empathic Link, Deliver Touch Spells
Spear 1 Returning, 1d81(1d10+1 on charge), 20 x3 crit, 10’ft. Range inc.
Padded Armor w/ armored kilt, +2 AC, 5% spell fail, +6 max dex, 0 check pen.
Belt of Thunderous Charge
Back pack
Winter Blanket, soap, folding bucket, comb, 2 weeks iron rations, spotlight lantern, 2 oil flasks, scroll case, and 2 dozen sheets of parchment, ink flask, paper weights, pen knife, buzzard feather quils, 10 candles, signet stamp,
Common Spells Prepared/ Generic Danger preparation

2nd- Web Shelter (1), Merge with Familiar(1)/ [ Stone Call (1),Burning Arc (1)]
1st- Mage Armor(2), [Secluded Grimoire(1)/ Shock Shield (1)]
0- Read Magic(2), Det. Magic(2), Ray of Frost(1)

Cadus was born to a tribe of desert horse people to the north of Amn, where she was highly regarded for her quick mind and affinity for horses. When she turned 7 she joined her older brothers on the backs of the tribes Red manes, began training as the tribes cavalry. The Imperial levy that took her brothers made her wait till she was 16 before they took her, but she was by then a truly exceptional rider.
Her father gave her the villages prize stallion to her before she joined the imperial cavalry, which immediately caught the eye of the company commander who sought to take the animal for himself. His reasoning was that he was the highest man on the totem pole and deserved such a beast ahead of a mongrel village girl. She defied his will, refused to give up her horse and eventually took a beating from five soldiers.
The company commander earned the ire of all the horse folks who comprised roughly sixty percent of his cavalry and comprised a third of the army. Word quickly spread of the brave commander stealing an honored gift horse from a young girl. Word of her defiant stand against five soldiers also spread and when it was known they had also dishonored the girl, the horse folks quietly formed a plan.
Cadus bounced back within days under the care of the armies war wizard, an elf named Padish Khal Venturi from the west, hired in for firepower. Cadus got word from her people of the plan and eagerly joined in the carefully coordinated retribution. They struck in the dead of night, abducting the five soldiers and the company commander. When the six men awoke shortly before dawn, they found themselves tied to posts in the ground arrayed around a camp fire and Cadus sitting on her recovered stallion. The soldiers horses were tied to their masters post.
She demanded to fight them over again, but one on one. She began with the soldiers and took them on in a brutal joust with her spear and whatever weapon they saw fit. The first two attempted to fight her on horse back with their own spears, but she was far better at riding and had a much stronger and faster horse. Both died in the first pass as she took them off their mounts with lethal precision.
The third soldier knew he couldnt beat her on horse back and demanded they fight on the ground, and was surprised when Cadus dismounted. She waited patiently for the large man to commit to an attack with his short sword and shield, she blurred into motion stabbing him through his foot after feinting a lunge at his face.
He lurched forward to shove with his shield, while clumsily stabbing the air to cover his withdrawl. Her spear whirled, the back end hammered into his shield, the tip whirled back to dig into the edge of the other side of the shield sending sparks into the soldiers eyes, forcing him to raise his arm to cover his face with the shield. The spear shot down and the blunt end crunched into his remaining good foot, dropping him to the ground screaming.
Cadus kicked his shield out of the way and drove the spear tip into the mans groin, then stepped away to watch him bleed to death screaming. After ten minutes, she took a drink from her skin, and untied the next one. He simply took his knees, apologized and begged her to make it quick. She rammed her spear through his heart, twisted the blade hard twice and wrenched it out.
It was not as quick as it could have been, he moaned in the dirt for a few minutes before he passed out, then died staring at the first sliver of the sun on the horizon. She untied the fifth soldier who attacked immediately, pressing her sorely from the outset and yanking her spear from her hands.
He laughed at her before whirling the spear and making a series of lunges at her, darting in and out, grazing her leg, shoulder and side as she retreated back further and further till she whistled suddenly. Her stallion smashed into the last soldier from behind, then trampled his left leg, the wounded man was able to roll and jab her stallion through a lung before she was able to finish him by leaping into the air and dropping her heel into his throat.
She watched both die over a half hour, then turned her attention to the company commander. Crossed the distance between them and jammed her spear into each of his thighs, huge spouts of blood jetted out from the carefully aimed wounds. Then she freed him and stood back to watch him bleed out. He knew he would perish, and sought only to kill the girl before he did.
He was a highly seasoned soldier, with twenty years of service, nearly a hundred battles and dozens of notches on his scabbard. She barely survived the calculated attacks, losing two fingers off her left hand, the top of her right ear and a broken collar bone. She was crippled and dazed by the injuries, but still able to make one counter attack as he moved to finish her off as she lay on the ground.
He foot lashed out at his right knee and was satisfied by the audible crack of the bone and the resultant scream of rage and pain. It was enough to buy her a few more moments to roll away, take her feet and keep the distance between them until he died. She couldnt use her arm, her stallion was dead, but so too were he attackers.
She returned to the cavalry camp and resumed her place in the training unit, the army gave her a mood mare who took some getting used too. The troubled girl and her uncooperative mount fell under the eye of the camps war wizard again when she corrected some of her calculations from the quartermaster.
The wizard tested her potential and began her training in magic immediately, Cadus made her moody new horse, her familiar, then set about learning all four elemental languages and copying the womans spell book. The wizard Padish Khal Venturi watched in amazement as the young girl took to magic like her own elven kindred did, and quickly mastered the basics.
By the time Cadus turned twenty she was invited into the inner circle of mages at the chapter house in Amn, which she accepted on condition she be allowed to travel instead of practicing magic in the towers and libraries. They reluctantly agreed and turned her loose on the highways criss crossing the desert to guard valuable shipments of magic items, spell components and acolytes moving to different cities to broaden their education.
Cadus Maul wears a heavy linen and silk, quilted coat depicting the various schools of magic in a circle pattern over the chest, its cut to mid thigh and cinched around the waist with a wide horse hair & leather belt with a massive silver buckle depicting a mad eyed horses face. She wears thick leather chaps over simple but sturdy black leather boots that go up to mid shin. She wears over this a simply cut tan linen cloak that goes to mid shin.
She wears her long black hair in a plaited braid that she coils at the base of her skull, she commonly wears a leather helm with fur ruffle, wide leather plates hang over her neck and cinches under her chin for combat. The helm offers little protection from weapons serving mainly to keep the sun and heat of the desert off the head and neck.
She covers her wrists and hands with thick leather gauntlets, with lengths of steel wire woven into the back of the hand, under the fingers and over the wrists to offer some small protection from friction burns and heavy rope use. She also carries a specially made couriers satchel, with thick, wide leather straps that hang the bag over the back of her left hip, which is home to her spell book. The outside of the bag has three dagger sheaths, of which she can only easily grab one without removing the bag. The back strap of the satchel has a pair of loops which carry her spear across her back.
Her horse wears a very similar quilted linen and silk armor, and has a masterwork saddle. Cadus is fastideous about her horse, and always goes to lengths to ensure the very best care possible. Her real reason for not wanting to attend the colleges and libraries was that all the local livery were infested with mites, ticks and fleas.
Grey Dap hated fleas the most, so Cadus hated flees. The womans education had to continue so she often traveled with a pair of extra horses, to haul the load of books, a small pavilion tent and massive stores of iron rations, grain and water. To save herself time and effort each day, she also hired a livery servant to help with the tent and horses, buying her time to study magic on the road.
Padish was commonly assigned to the army and on the road a lot, so Cadus did not study often with her, but indeed took every opportunity to visit her in the field. Mostly she studied with noviciates half her age as they were being moved too or from the various noble houses and cities, sometimes she escorted frumpy old enchanters to their vital components in the wild.

She eventually decided she needed to live as her contemporaries and began setting up a home for herself in the deep desert. She at first found a secluded area sheltered from sight by a series of dunes, then dug through the sand with summoned air and earth elementals until she hit stone she could work with. Then set about furnishing her home with a private well, library, laboratory, a secret vault and a few secure guest rooms.

It took her the better part of a year to finish her home with the aid of elementals and a few specialists she employed to make her home perfect for her needs. She took on a massive debt to a trio of mages she had met in her courier capacity, they agreed to craft her a portal to another prime material plane. She would run all transit and trade to this other world, a large portion of the profits she would keep, with the stipulation that the mages get first pick of half of what comes through.

Cadus Maul

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