Ferrus Grot Snog

Half Ork Gladiator


Ferrus Grot Snog

A half ork barbarian that was raised in the wild by a clan of mountain giants named the River Step clan, who had taken him and several of his original tribe were taken as slaves. After a few years and special training by the clans game merchant, Ferrus began training in the orks gladiator pits.

Slave master Grraag Two Lash, a giant who had escaped the drow decades before. Who had used him in their gladiator pits. He got his name from taking the two lashed snake whip the drow woman who owned him. Knowing nothing else he simply took slaves and taught them to fight till he made a name for himself on the circuit. He had traded for Ferrus as soon as he laid eyes on him, and groomed him to be a fantastic gladiator.

Given the finest education in fighting possible, with a tailored diet, strict training regime and access to the best teachers and fights available in the city of skull port. He grew into his potential quickly, and mastered a unique and entertaining variety of weapons. The crowds loved when he used his signature Pick and Shield combination. He wore only the right arm and shoulder pauldron from a suit of full plate. A once ornate and beautiful dwarven helmet, shaped like a dwarf shouting, covered his head. The once fine helmet had been cut into quarters to be re sized and the metals used did not match the fine mithril wire work adorning the construction. After the arm and helmet, he only wore a mail kilt and hob nailed boots, leaving his torso and knees exposed.

Ferrus also took the dwarfs shield and pick, aping much of the mans techniques from the one long fight with him. He would have kept those two items as well, but long years in the pits eventually claimed them. He retains only the helm and breastplate, with little of the original pieces surviving in more than a cosmetic manner in his home. Grraag did outfit him with a mithril shield and matching pick when the originals were eventually destroyed, decorated with gory depiction of the picks blunt head smashing a skull. The pick depicts a lighting bolt as the sharp head and a full moon as the blunt head giving it a very distinct appearance.

Ferrus trained for armored opponents, and was equipped to deal with them very well, but truly suffered against unarmored and agile opponents. So he was often pitted against monks, barbarians and others with fast weapons. Only his durable frame and experience kept him alive against such foes, but still cost him several fingers and toes, his left eye and a lot of blood.

Since the loss of his eye, he has forsaken all weapons that kept his shield out of his left hand. Being blind on that side he retains the shield to compensate for the loss. His handlers switch up his main hand weapon often, just to makes things more interesting as well as finding clever ways to keep his shield out of fights. In such cases he employs a Ranseur, to the annoyance of his handlers. He favours a highly defensive style with the weapon and relies on his armor to protect him until he can deliver a death blow.

Male, Half Ork, Gladiator 1st /Dirty Fighter 4th lvl.
Str 21 Dex 13 Con 15 Int 13 Wis 10 Chr 16 (4th levl str. , 2 str. Racial)
+5 BAB, +4 Fort, +1 Ref, +1 Will , 3x Bonus feat. ( Combat Expertise, Imp. Dirty Trick, Fox Insight) 1st level feat; Fox Style, 3rd Level feat; Fox Trickery (Dirty Tricks are free actions) , 5th level feat; Weapon focus- Heavy Pick,
Side Step- At 2nd level a Dirty fighter learns how to evade his opponents when they react to his combat maneuvers. He gains a +1 dodge to his AC against attacks of opportunity provoked by him while attempting a combat maneuver. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels beyond 2nd level. Armor Training- (
1 to max dex in armor),

Skills- 10+ 5 int bonus
Acrobatics 3 ranks(1 abil=4 [8 for balance checks]),
Perform- Bad Guy Routine 3 ranks (3 abil, +3 class=9),
Survival 3 ranks(
3 class=6),
Profession Gladiator 3 ranks(3 class=6),
Intimidation 3 ranks (
3 class, +3 abil= 9)


Mithril Hvy Shield+2
Hvy Mithril Helm, pauldron, spadoons and right arm from a set of full plate (Mithril Breast plate) +1 Balanced. This armor pushes back against anything that threatens to knock its wearer to the ground. The wearer gains a +4 bonus to his CMDefense against combat maneuvers made to trip or over run and on acrobatics checks made to maintain balance. Dropping prone while wearing balanced armour is a move action instead of a free action.

11 (7 Two weapon fight) attack , Mithril Hvy Pick 1 Keen, 1d8 +7, x4 19-20 crit.,
+11 (
7 two weapon fight) attack, blunt head 1d8+6, x3 20 crit.
10 ( +2 Two Weapon fight) attack, Mithril Hvy. Shield, 1d43, x2 20 crit.
10 (6 thrown) attack, Dagger, 1d4+5, 19-20 x2 crit., 10’ft. Range inc.
10 attack, Unarmed, 1d45, 20 x2 crit.
10 attack Ranseur, 2d45, 20 x3 crit, reach and disarm

Well into his eighth year as a high draw gladiator he found himself more and more in the Underdark and the various pirate troupes that made their living selling their. It was there he met the Black Wing Fleet of Drow raiders that operated completely outside the control of every house of the drow cities. They had twenty super fast galleons, and over one hundred yachts. The galleons were where this fleet stood out on its own, with a massive wing of seventy six dire bat riders and their troupe of alchemists.
Ferrus made some side deals with the Drow, secured enough money to purchase his freedom and the worst case price the Drow wanted for their involvement as bag men in his purchase. Though they did rip him off entirely, he was still able to sail out of Skull Port a free man.

Ferrus made land in the east at the city of splendors, where he immediately earned himself a comfortable position training gladiators for a merchant lord. There he met Hajarla an elven pirate from the drow slave pits who managed to win his freedom.


Ferrus Grot Snog

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