The sky comes alive twice a day as the pale alien sun rises and sets. Setting the sky on fire to those with proper adaptation. While close to the sun, the worlds sky appears as black as night at mid day, yet everything is somehow still well lit. The harsh worlds haunting beauty is lethal.
The polar ice caps cover one third of the planets surface, and the narrow equatorial band is closest to most other prime material worlds temperature. Two thirds of the planets surface is water, with a wide variety of terrain, weather and fauna types cover the world. The elves cities are everywhere, connected by roads and rails enough that, one can traverse the world in only two years.
The worlds atmosphere is incredibly thin and full of toxins and creatures, that only those specially adapted to the world are able to survive there. Only with the elves special tattoo or unique physiology can anyone hope to survive there, and then the worlds tiny creatures have yet to consume most beings eyes within a matter of days.
All together the atmosphere will eat your eyes and starve your lungs. The sickly pale sun will poach your skin without protection, before night falls and the temperature drops to freezing most nights.
The Black Elves love this world like no other, and go to great expense to enjoy its unique pleasures to their fullest. But such delights consume life, enough that the elves contract thousands of travellers to bring them more. A never ending stream of life bound to end on their haunting world.

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Carnival of the Black Elves